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Brompton Hospital will give some notion of the details of the appara-

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Bay, Freshwater, Sandown and Shanklin ; farther west, Swanage, Wey-

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boxes, trunks, and watch cases ; to read letters that were folded, &c.

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treatment ; English physicians, following von Zierassen, prefer to place

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of oiled tissue paper may be interposed between the blister and the

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Dr. Armstrong, is almost as well known in our country as in England.

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veiir In advance, $3.50 aller three months, and $4,00 if not paid within tbe year.—Agente allow«4l

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colleague, Dr. Wilks (4), records, amongst several others, the case of a

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especially if any signs exist of commencing cardiac dilatation, must be

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formed under a sense of fatigue, so that the work itself is not of lasting

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Pathology and Pathological Anatomy. — The morbid changes dis-

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preventing the destruction or removal of irritant matter favours necrosis

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