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medical observation finds that in a large share of cases the
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three times a day and increases a minute each day, at the end
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MeGlnnlss, M.H., Grindon, A. J., and Schmidt, P.J.: Evidence
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True it is that no man of any mark in London, either special or
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happens that little or no cough is present at the beginning of these
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mand for Roentgen work increasing?" This chart speaks in-
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the occasional occurrence of acute poliomyelitis in
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in her confinement. An unqualified chemist had been engaged
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the same time to be sources of solicitude as to the condition of their
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difficulties. It seemed their critical eyes had evaluated
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phig^ ; while others retain their blooming appearance, and feel per-
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of the Congenital Malformations of the Uectum and Anus. By Wil-
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aminations of all the members of the family he will not
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revulsive measures. Anything which weakens the force of the circulation
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ach from a woman who had died in his service at St. Mary's
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iu the course of an acute gonorrhoea, or of a certain
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Cancer Concepts The East Tennessee Cancer Research Center, Knoxville Academy of Medicine, and
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A passively congested kidney excretes a less amount of water than normal;
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a paper describing several cases of beriberi, as studied by
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is to make good the loss caused by the general leak-
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'jy. General symptoms observed in twenty-one cases of poi-
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nipple line of dullness was actually less than usual, being
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called to visit her ; found her laboring under severe purulent
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spoon has laid down, — that more than fifty per cent, of the
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might have been reasonably expected to share in the prevailing
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in the full acceptance of the word and, therefore, it formulates the
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enable him to furnish unbiased observations of the greatest value and to
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healthy it is improbable that the same result would have
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17. Sutherland DER. Moudry KC: Report of the International Pancreas Trans-
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less agreeable. It vaporizes more readily than chloroform, and
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Their General Relationship to General Practice and the Gen-
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after rather prolonged drying. Even temperatures approximating o^C. do not seem
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this without strict antiseptic treatment would make success impossible.
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with phenylhydrazin. The substance in question was dextrorotary,
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do not know, and in many respects the prostate still remains an
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•••Research Assistant, Department of Oral Medicine,
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isms. It occasionally results from skin infection, but
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teur : Professor, Dr. Ferdinand Hebra. (No. 12, for 1853, and Nos. 3, 4,

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