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polymorphonuclear leucocytosis of about 11,000, and the

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extremely minute doses, in progressive febrile cases

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SuddtMi Variations in the Number of Leucocytes through

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being lost, it would seem to illustrate most forcibly the value of protect-

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appears at an age when rickets has not yet developed, or sometimes

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in affections of the mouth and throat, and is market-

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to discourage the use of local stamps and to encourage

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XIV. Arnott {London Med. Gazette, 1833, xii. 366). A girl of four-

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other signs of eczema, more or less pronounced, exist elsewhere, when

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and fluid extract of ergot, 15 drops, to be taken every

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how or when, he arrived in this city and was taken into

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cyanide of mercury, using twenty minims or about one and one-quarter

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the influence of the drug. — Journal, dcs Fraticiens, 1896, No. 49, p. 772.

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result good, but says the scar left by the operation would probably be

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varieties of habit-chorea. The first is one in which the disease is evi-

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EMILY BLACKWELL, M. D., Dean, 321 East Fifteenth Street, New York.

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hold its twentieth annual meeting at Saratoga Springs,

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was substantiated ; and it is probable that, if the attempt had been permitted,

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the patient had emaciated to a skeleton. Since ten weeks his urine had

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ly done away with most of the causes for criticism,

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The second case was that of a primipara in whom an enchondroma of the

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peripheral nerves, and the diversity of pathological conditions in which they

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